The Family Participation Program (FPP) supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families to participate in child protection decisions that affect their lives.  The FPP service can provide an independent Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander facilitator to support you in a family led decision making process.  This process can help your family to develop a plan to keep your child or young person safe at home, or identify a family member who can care for your child.

What is Family Led Decision Making?

Family led decision making processes recognise that families know their own strengths and the challenges they are facing better than anyone else.  By brining key family members together and talking through the issues and worries, families can often develop plans that can keep the child or young person safe and connected with their family, their community and their culture.  In a family led decision making process you can have time alone, without Child Safety present, to talk openly about ways to keep children and young people safe and connected to their family and community.

How can the Family Participation Program help?

The Family Participation Program service can facilitate a family led decision making process when a decision is required about the safety or care of your child or young person. The service can empower you to feel heard and supported to ensure everything you want to say and express is heard.