Our Community – Caring for our Kids Piccaninny Foster and Kinship Care Service is sponsored by MARABISDA Inc. and are in receipt of funding from the Department of Communities – Child Safety and Disability Services.

The service commenced in 2012. Staff are recruited and undertake training to build relationships with Indigenous Foster and Kinship Carers, Child Safety Services staff and other Foster Carer support agencies operating in Mackay, Sarina and Bowen.

“Children are not things to be moulded, but are people to be unfolded”. – Jesse Lair

What is Foster Care? Foster carers open their hearts and homes to children and young people who are unable to live with their families because of abuse and neglect.

What is Kinship Care? Kinship care is provided by a relative, family member, close friend, or a member of the child or young person’ community.  For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, a kinship carer may be an Indigenous person who is a member of their community, a compatible community or from the same language group.

What are we Funded to do?

  • Indigenous Foster Carer Recruitment, Assessment, Training and Support.
  • Monitor the care levels and placements of children and young people with carers.
  • Build positive relationships with the Department of Child Safety Services and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Reporting and accountability requirements.

More Information…

We would love to have the opportunity of speaking with you about the rewarding experience of fostering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and the importance of keeping our children connected with culture and community whilst they are in the care and protection of Child Safety. Please contact us at our office (07) 4848 1062 or email